If you operate a hotel or a motel, you know all about the unique insurance needs of your industry.  Fortunately, so does Carlisle Insurance.

Generally, hotel insurance combines several different types of insurance that are necessary to provide proper coverage for this very specialized business.  By consulting an expert at Carlisle Insurance, you will be certain that your business, your employees, and your guests will be protected against certain losses which might occur at your hotel or motel.

The coverages may include:

Guests’ Property – This covers the possessions of guests staying at a hotel or motel.

Contents – This insures the contents of the hotel against loss or damage.

Business Income – This insures against the loss of profits which may be incurred due to a loss.

Liability – This coverage protects against claims made by third parties as the result of accidental injury on the hotel or motel grounds.

Workers’ Compensation – This insurance covers an employer’s liability which may result from injuries to employees while at work.

Umbrella/Excess Liability – Required for Franchised Hotels and Motels.

Theft by Employees – This protects the hotel or motel in the event of a theft by an employee.

Computer Breakdown – This covers the failure of computer equipment and / or the loss of computer records.

Additional coverage is also available for:  customer inconvenience remuneration expenses, delivery errors and omissions, service errors and omissions, and lost master keys or key cards.

Running a hotel or a motel is a tough business.  Get in touch with Carlisle Insurance today and make it a little bit easier!