Below are the different types of benefit programs that Carlisle Insurance can offer your business:


Medical plans provide health coverage for employees.   We will help you navigate the spectrum of options from fully insured to self-funded plans while keeping you in compliance with the various laws and regulations affecting medical plans.


Dental plans provide coverage for costs associated with dental care.


Life insurance is an important benefit for an employee’s family.   Upon an employee’s death, this coverage provides their beneficiaries a fixed sum or periodic income.


Vision plans provide coverage for eye care services and products.


Disability plans provide income to an employee while the employee is temporarily unable to do their job.  The two types of plans, Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability, provide coverage based on the duration of the disability.

Voluntary Products

These products supplement insurance plans provided by the employer.  Employees can choose which programs meet their needs.

Retirement Plans

Providing the availability for employees to save for their future through convenient payroll deductions, with or without employer assistance in financing the program, can be another great tool for increasing employee tenure.