The oil and gas industry has helped grow our agency for the last 65 years and at Carlisle Insurance we take pride in understanding the specifics of the business. We have developed a special program to meet the needs of this specialized industry.  Our program consists not only of competitive pricing, but offers some of the most broadest coverages you can purchase. We understand then needs of the oil and gas industry and have added many additional benefits and services to the program, such as ISNetwork assistance and maintenance services.

Public Entity

Carlisle Insurance takes pride in knowing how to protect schools, students, teachers and the community. We understand that saving money on insurance helps puts funding back into what’s important, the students. We are experienced in providing insurance for school districts, and offer insurance coverage options for school districts of various sizes.  We are partnered with the largest school risk management programs in Texas and recognized as a leader in the industry. Whether your district is located inland or on the coast, we have a solution for you.


Whether it be office buildings, retail shopping centers, condominiums/apartments, or municipalities, Carlisle Insurance has the team of experts to provide the coverages you need to weather any storm. Not all insurance policies cover damage from windstorms, and we take pride in finding you a plan that does.


Our specialized trucking insurance program can cover any size of business. From fleets of one or two trucks to fleets consisting of hundreds of trucks, our program will work for you. We can offer coverage for liability, physical damage, cargo, workers’ compensation and more. We provide multiple services including Fleet Safety Management Systems, driver training programs, safety meeting topics, ISNetworld maintenance services and more to create a comprehensive insurance program to meet your trucking needs. You can take pride in us to cover your trucking needs and keep your business moving.


We recognize that there are special insurance needs within the hotel and motel industry, and our experts at Carlisle Insurance can put together the right package of insurance coverage to protect your business, your workers and your guests. Our program will provide the right insurance coverages to cover you against property loss, lost revenue, liability, theft and more.