Even though you may not own your own home, you still own personal property that can be lost to fires, burglaries, and even lawsuits.

While most homeowners are insured for these risks, many renters are not. Renter’s insurance is just as important to have as homeowner’s insurance.  Not only will it protect your personal items, but it will also help you secure temporary housing and provide liability protection, e.g. medical expenses incurred by individuals injured on your property.  Renter’s insurance may also pay for a lawyer if you are sued by someone unintentionally injured by you.

If the ceiling in your apartment is damaged by a storm, necessary repairs are the responsibility of your landlord.  But what if your brand new stereo and TV were damaged in the incident?  And while the ceiling is being fixed, do you have enough money to immediately pay for another place to stay? These are the types of expenses that would be covered by your renter’s insurance policy.