Tried and True Methods for Saving on Auto Insurance

There’s no getting around it, you need auto insurance before taking the wheel. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it any cheaper. So, for many, auto insurance is a necessary evil that causes their wallets some pain once a month when they drop a hefty payment. Fortunately, your relationship with auto insurance doesn’t have to be that […]

Life Insurance Tips: The Danger of Buying Too Little

When shopping for life insurance, families have many options. Term life insurance is very common, but whole life, universal life, and variable life insurance policies are also available through most reputable companies. Depending on your family’s specific needs, you may find one type of life insurance preferable to the rest. But, one of the most […]

Key Man Insurance Will Protect Your Business

Many businesses have key people who are a vital part of the company. Depending on the industry, there could be many different roles that would make someone a “key person” or is otherwise irreplaceable. He or she may have unique skills, generate the bulk of the company’s income, or be instrumental in the intellectual property […]

Understanding Auto Insurance Needs for Texas Drivers

It can be difficult to understand your auto insurance needs, particularly when it comes to what is required, what isn’t, and what makes the most sense for each individual driver. Here are some things Texas drivers should consider when searching for the optimum auto insurance plan. Different states have different minimum requirements when it comes […]

Tornado Safety Cancels Alice High School 7 on 7 Competition

The 7 on 7 football competition scheduled for Tuesday May 27th was cut short due to rainstorm which struck the region. Players at Alice High school participate in the event, held every week at the school. They divide into two teams, and play a pair of games for practice. This time, the group got through […]