Long Term Care Increases in Texas

Long Term Insurance is something that everyone needs but no one likes to think about. That is, until long-term care policy holders in Texas were told that their premiums would increase by 75%. Read on to learn more about the Long Term Care increase, reasons behind the increase, and what may lie ahead for Texas […]

5 Useful Tips for Buying Health Insurance for the First Time

A Guide to Buying Health Insurance The task of buying health insurance coverage can be both daunting and stressful, especially if one is inexperienced in the matter. There are certain methods one should take to receive the best plan available for the given situation. The tips listed below can work as a guide to aid […]

A Quick Introduction to Flood Insurance

There are so many types of insurance these days, it can be tough keeping them all straight or knowing which are the kinds you actually need. Some are legally mandatory, of course, but others can fall into a gray area. Flood insurance is a good example of this for many people. If you’ve ever wondered […]

Life Insurance Information You May Not Know

Most people understand that life insurance is a vehicle for helping your loved ones out with their finances upon your death. It can also be a way of donating to a charity or organization you’re fond of. Whatever the case, life insurance can seem pretty straightforward. But the following may be information you never knew. […]

What You Need to Know About Hurricane Insurance

One of nature’s most terrifying displays of power is definitely a hurricane. Even before it actually touches ground, a hurricane can do all types of damage. So when it makes land fall, destruction isn’t far off even if you were never in its path. This is why hurricane insurance is so important for homes anywhere […]